Long Walks in the UK: Knole Park

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There is nothing better than a nice long walk, and especially in the UK you can find some beautiful places with the most fantastic views. I love exploring and just seeing what there is to offer around me, either that be local or just different places in the UK.

Therefore, I want to share with you this lovely long walk in Knole Park that I did the other day.

Basically a few weeks ago me and my partner made a trip to Knole park. Knole Park is a beautiful park filled with deer located in Sevenoaks. I had heard about this park before but I had never actually explored it, therefore myself and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to go and explore.

As I mentioned this park is a deer park so obviously if you do go then be careful. The deer just roam around freely whilst you walk/run around the park. This was definitely a new experience but I personally loved it, and the deer were just beautiful.

A nature picture of deer in Knole Park, Sevenoaks.

There is something refreshing walking into a park and just seeing wildlife right in front of your eyes. It is pretty amazing and beautiful (especially for someone so used to city life). I would love to live near more parks like these or just explore and venture to parks like these. It gives me life and meaning. I felt so content wandering around just breathing in the nature and fresh air. Reality was gone for a moment and it was nice, to be in a moment like this with my partner.

It can be quite difficult being from London and obviously being surrounded by buildings and everything on the go or busy all the time. Therefore, being able to get away to a place like this was a nice break.

Two deers standing behind one another in Knole Park, Sevenoaks UK.
A baby deer walking around in Knole Park, Sevenoaks UK.

These are the moments that I want to experience. Those times away from scrolling away on my phone or watching TV, but actually seeing life outside. I hope to be able to experience more of that around the world someday.

A view from Knole Park, Sevenoaks UK of the trees and bushes.
A selfie on a woman in a pink polka dot dress, wearing pink sunglasses. With a view of a park in the background

There was also this cute little café, and although it was pricey the food was perfect and just what I wanted. Plus you don’t have to eat there because you can alternatively bring a picnic and that would be cute too. However, it could be likely that a deer might try and steal your food (I did see that happen to one family).

There is also a castle that you can explore and look around (you do pay for it though). We didn’t actually do this but it looked stunning!

A woman sitting on a chair looking to the side, wearing a pink polka dot dress and pink sunglasses. A view of a building in the background

I love exploring and going on walks it always gets me thinking about life and what I want to do or change. But I will definitely be making a return trip here soon, which may not be quite as relaxing as I will be practicing my half-marathon run. However, it will still be nice to take in the surroundings and be grateful for everything in my life and where I am headed.

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Long walks in the UK: Knole Park

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