My Running Journey

This is something that I have wanted to write about for a long time, but just never knew how to start. However, today I want to share with you…

My running journey

I am going to be going through my goals, what I hope to achieve and just my overall running experience.

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Fitness and health are such massive topics and I feel there is a lot of pressure to look good. In the past I feel like I exercised to lose weight and look good for other people, and got nowhere. Whereas the past few years I definitely have altered my mind and I exercise to tone up and get better. I definitely have a better mind set which I think is essential when you want look after you health.

Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good or lose weight either but for me it wasn’t for healthy reasons, and I feel you need to want to do it for yourself and no one else. Therefore, when you begin your health and fitness journey do think about what is going to motivate you and why you want to do it.

One thing that I feel is so important is what you wear. This is because if I feel good then this will motivate me to want to workout or run. Plus having a a good fitting sports bra will really benefit your runs too! I personally buy from Nike from a running sports bra and then any other brand for training.

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At the moment I have been doing a lot of running and really challenging myself. One way that I have found keeps me motivated and work towards my running is completing challenges.

I found this challenge and decided to sign myself up for it. Basically you pick how far you want to run within a month and then you complete that many (in miles). As a beginner I definitely recommend this because it is a great way to keep you motivated, develop a running routine and just overall improve your running. Plus you get a medal at the end of it which is pretty cool.

Doing this was definitely a massive push and I am always determined and motivated to get those miles done and get me that medal. Ultimately I like to prove that I can do it.

After running 25 miles for two months in a row I took a break. I then made an impulsive decision to do the 50 mile challenge, which for someone like me I knew was going to be a struggle. This meant increasing my runs and the most I had ever run at this point was 4 miles. This probably sounds rubbish but I am a complete novice at this and everyone starts somewhere right?

A double mirror effect picture of a woman holding a medal for running 50 miles throughout the month, whilst wearing her gym sports bra and leggings.

Completing the 50 mile challenge has to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I still haven’t quite got my running on point. I definitely have got better but I feel I still need to keep pushing myself and I might look into a personal trainer to help me. I have now run up to 6 and a half miles and that is an achievement for me to be proud of.

The main thing for me is to just listen to my body and if I need to rest I will, but I also need to keep pushing myself. Also I remember to praise myself because I have come so far and I have been running more than I ever have in my entire life!

Also I have actually signed up for my first half-marathon (I don’t know if I regret this yet), so every week I am increasing my distances to slowly prepare myself. In addition, to this I have also been training my body too because it is especially important to workout your entire body as well as having that running routine. Therefore, I set aside time for my abs/arms and leg workouts in addition to my running routine.

I still have days when I struggle to motivate myself to run or workout, but I just have to push myself or get my partner to motivate me to get to the gym because I know I will feel so much better afterwards. It’s true every-time after I do a workout or run I feel amazing!

Do you enjoy running? Or want to begin running?

I am going to do another post on my preparation for the half-marathon but for now thanks for reading

my running journey!

Gemma Jayne x

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  1. Congratulations on the progress you have made with your running – it is very impressive to double the number of miles you are doing in a month! Good luck in the half-marathon when you do choose to complete it. x

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