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June has been a busy and crazy month for me and full of exciting events. Firstly, I went to travelling to Tenerife with my boyfriend to begin the month, celebrated my 23rd birthday, completed a 50 mile run challenge throughout the month and ended the month in A&E (but that is a story for another time).

Therefore, of course due to the busy events that have been going on I have neglected my blog as a result. However, I am now back on and wanted to begin with writing about this lovely birthday treat that my best friends surprised me with.

Basically I had heard about these “Zoo nights” in London through ads on Instagram and mentioned it to my friends. I did not really think much of it and turns out my friends do listen and they decided to treat me to a night at London Zoo.

Penguins standing next to each other at London Zoo

This event is a completely different and wonderful idea, and I have never heard of it before. Basically it happens every Friday throughout the summer in London Zoo. Plus seeing a Zoo at night time is just a whole new experience.

I absolutely love animals and especially tigers but really all of them. Therefore, of course I have my pros and cons about Zoos, but that is not something I want to get into within this post.

It was a lovely experience seeing this gorgeous animals and this was an adult only event. As someone without kids this was even more brilliant. I know that sounds selfish but it can be annoying when you are visiting a Zoo and children just push you out of the way and you get horrible looks from parents telling you to move for them. Therefore, it was nice to just have fun seeing the animals.

Blurry photo of a lion sitting down looking away

If you are in London then I definitely recommend going along because it is such a different experience. Plus near the entrance there are food stalls (which all smell amazing), and you are allowed to buy alcohol and walk around with it in a cup (of course being reasonable).

It was also a lovely thing to be able to witness the animals having their dinner and how different they are in the evenings. Of course some of the enclosures were closed as the animals were sleeping, but the majority of the enclosures were open. Also a bonus that it was a lovely cool evening and there were not crowds of people!

Some animals in their enclosure at London Zoo

I have always researched “things to do in London” and I never expected that a night at the Zoo would be one of them. However, we all had such a fun time and it was just lovely to be able to spend it with my best friends.

If you are looking for things to do in the summer in London then I recommend checking Zoo nights out. Also you don’t have to take time off work as it opens at 7 pm, and so it could also make a great after work evening out.

Anyway short and sweet for this post, but thanks for reading!

Do you have any recommendations for things to do in London?

Gemma Jayne x

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