May Favourites 2018

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For once I have actually wrote this post a bit earlier than I would normally. This is because, as you are all reading this post I will be tanning away on holiday. I mean this is a first because I am normally late when it comes to posting favourites.



During the beginning of May I went shopping and was in Boots just looking around. However, I decided to have a look over at the Benefit section. I had never purchased from Benefit before, but I had heard amazing things about this brand and their products.

I know you might be thinking where I have been all this time to not try a product from Benefit before, but honestly I am the worst at being a woman- in that I don’t have a clue about make-up. Secondly, I am bad with money in that I don’t like to spend much on anything.

Anyway let’s get into the two products I bought from Benefit…

A product picture of the HOOLA Benefit bronzer product in front of a stripey fake plant .
  1. Bronzer

As I was awkwardly looking like I don’t belong in this section at products that I probably didn’t truly understand a lovely lady walked over to me. I began to ask her about the bronzer and this resulted in her actually doing my make-up for me.

She tried the bronzer on me and did it with a bit of blush and highlight, and then did my eyebrows and my eye shadow (I am completely new to all this so it was lovely). I completely loved the look she did for me, it was simple and easy look but wasn’t a “full make- up look”. As a result, I ended up buying the bronzer she tried on me.

I have been using the product and loving it. It gives a lovely tone and great cheekbones, and I just feel confident and look great. As many that have recommended it to me I also recommend it to you.

I have been loving it and it makes me look and feel great. As many have recommended to me I will also recommend it too.

A product picture of an eyebrow pencil from the brand Benefit, in front of a stripey yellow and cream fake plant pot with grass coming out the top.

2. Eyebrow Pencil

The second Benefit product I got was the brow pencil because the lady did such a spiffing (who says that) job with mine I just had to give it a go myself.

Not gonna lie it was pretty pricey so I don’t know if I have been using it religiously because I feel I need to make the most of my money or because I love it. Either way it has been making my eyebrows look amazing and I feel more confident (I am sure there are other budget options which do the job too though).


The next few products I want to talk about are just some accessories that I have been loving, and of course will be great throughout the summer months.

Product picture of two pairs of sunglasses. One a pink pair with gold on it, and the other a black pair.


With it coming up to summer and hopefully warmer weather I had to go and break my sunglasses at work didn’t I. However, I wasn’t too sad because it was probably time to grab some new ones anyway.

Firstly, I went to Primark for some cheap pairs purely for work as then I don’t mind if they break or they get a bit ruined. I bought the same style just in two different colours, and I personally love them. For £3 it does the job and I think they are perfect.

A product picture of a pair of sunglasses, with a pink line around the top.

I then went into a couple of other shops to look for a more better quality pair. I found some that I loved in New Look, and because I had a voucher I didn’t pay anything for them! Therefore, a win win in my case and I love them and think the colour is great.

A product picture of a flowery yellow and white headband and matching  hairband

Flower Headbands

I have an obsession with flowers and headbands I mean you can see that in my post here. Therefore, I ended up finding and buying this beautiful one in Primark with the matching hairband. I thought this was perfect to style during the summer months or if I go on holiday. Plus the matching hairband will be great to wear at work and will look cute.

A product picture of a bikini top, it is grey with wild animals in silver all over it and a green lining at the bottom.
A product picture of bikini bottoms which are grey with silver wild animals on it, and a green lining around the top.


Lastly I was walking around H&M and then this bikini caught my eye and it was love at first sight. It has this gorgeous tribal print and I am so excited to wear it on holiday. I went up a couple of sizes on the top half as it fits much better.

Once I tried this on I knew it was perfect. The colours are great as well, I am really into grey and greens at the moment. Plus the price was reasonable and affordable.


A product picture of a chocolate cupcake with multi-coloured stars on the top.


I couldn’t end without mentioning food… There is this cute cupcake stall called “Lola’s cupcakes and the cakes always taste delicious!

I think my favourite are chocolate cakes so this is what I usually tend to go for when picking some from shops or stalls. Plus sometimes it is just a nice treat every now and then.

That’s all for this month, and here’s to me for starting off June in a hot country (raises glass).

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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