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As always I am late to the party and I finally went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. The main reason was it was a birthday present for one of my friends but I have been wanting to go since forever (I have no idea why I haven’t).

Getting on the bus and it pulling up outside the building I felt a bit emotional, I don’t know why but I think I was just overwhelmed. I have loved Harry Potter for years and it has been a part of my life since I was little. I remember rushing to the cinema with my mum to see the very first film. It definitely means a lot to me, and I guess a lot of people.

Photo from the Harry Potter Studies tour in London, showing the crest of Hufflepuff house and the uniforms, as well as part of the table in the Great hall.

One big part of the movies that you see a lot is the “great hall”, and honestly I think this was one of my favourite parts I was looking forward to seeing.

Alas walking into the great hall was just magical (maybe I am melodramatic I don’t know) and I just felt happy and again overwhelmed. It is weird because you walk around seeing the set which they used to film and was their home for such a long time. They filmed all of our favourite parts in this building. I mean I love the back story and love behind films or TV series.

The Griffindor living room, and stairs, with the paintings  and a chair at the set of Harry Potter Studios.

One thing I will say and they tell you before the tour anyway but it can be quite a long tour and me and my friends were there for over 3 hours. So I guess I would suggest if you have children do bear that in mind because it can be quite a lot of walking.

Nevertheless, it is an experience I will never forget and most definitely will be going back again. Especially being such a big fan of the films it was great to walk around and see where the magic happened.

A woman holding up a butterbeer drink whilst at the Harry Potter Studio tour in London.

One thing I knew I had to try was the Butterbeer. I had been warned it tastes like soda cream and I am not a fan of soda cream so I didn’t have high expectations for this drink. I mean I 100% knew I wasn’t going to like it haha. However, it is a Harry Potter tradition so I just had to buy one and just get over it.

I think if you have seen the movies then you will have heard Butterbeer and seen the characters drinking it in the film. But I think when it is your first time at the Studio tour in London you kind of just think it is just something you have to do once.

The Knight bus from the Harry Potter films on the set at the Harry Potter Studio tours.

This tour brought so much excitement I never knew I had in me, and every where I looked I just had to replay the memories that I had from the movies of each part in the studio.

Every part of the Studio tour was filled with everything that makes me happy and that I love. Not going to lie though the Forbidden Forest did make me jump a little. What can I say though I hate and fear spiders and I am a jumpy person. Therefore, a great combination for the Forbidden Forest. However, I did love how they put it all together and thought it was a great idea to utilise that space for the public.

The Weasley twins shop in Diagon Alley, taken at the Studio Tour in London.
The Hogwarts castle taken at the Harry Potter Studio tour in London, whilst in blue light.

Last thing I will say is that if you have not been and you are as much of a fan as I am then definitely go and do it. It will bring your Harry Potter memories and happiness to life.

Also I still cannot get the Harry Potter little tunes out of my head (I pretty much hummed them around the whole tour). What a lovely day.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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