Getting the cut

This title is probably a little misleading considering it probably sounds more like I have lost my job rather than just me chopping off about 6 inches off my hair.

Well there you have it. Basically what I mean by “getting the cut” is I made the decision to cut my hair which in length was below my boob. Instead I wanted a shorter and more manageable length, which for me I went for just under the shoulder.

A woman wearing a long sleeve play-suit with pink flowers and green leaves on it, with black tights posing during a mirror selfie.
A woman taking a selfie, with short dip dye hair of blonde and brown. Wearing a white crop top with a black motor bike on it. The woman is also wearing a flowery headband and make up.

Not to sound dramatic but my life completely changed when I got it cut. Everything I normally did or do completely shifted. Therefore, I want to share with you the many reasons my life has changed since I got my hair cut shorter.

Let’s get into it…

  1. Less time drying my hair

I am sure everyone that has had long hair and cut it short will agree with me. What used to be a 30 minute full on hair drying session, is now only a quick and easy 10 minutes or less. This is actually amazing and it just means that I now have more time to dedicate to something else within my routine. Or more time I can put towards being more productive.

2.  No wind whips

I know this sounds pretty weird, but by this I mean when I am out walking or going to someplace and it might be a windy day then I am not in a constant battle with my hair. Honestly with my long hair it was like I was fighting it off every 2 minutes. I probably did look weird walking down the street. Now it is just a nice length that just flows nicely on my shoulders and doesn’t annoy me when it is more windy.

3. Less time to style

Similar to drying my hair, having shorter hair means that it won’t take as long to style either. This is pretty great because if I am getting ready for date night or to go out then less time is required for me to get ready. For example, before when I might have had to spend 3 minutes curling a piece of my hair (as it was so long), now I can curl my hair pretty quickly.

4. I feel HAPPY and FREE

This probably sounds weird but it was like a feeling of relief getting all that hair cut off. It was as if I was chopping away all the stresses and bad parts and just beginning a new chapter within my life. Even my hairdresser said to me “this is so much fun” when chopping off the majority of my hair.

Also I have just felt a lot happier ever since, I can’t really explain it. But, I just feel good and confident and I love it, all thanks to my lovely new hair.

Now there are some cons too which I have to mention as much as I have been loving my new hair…

  1. It doesn’t all go up in a ponytail

I don’t think this is necessarily a huge deal. However, for my work I have to have my hair in a ponytail. Therefore, it can get pretty frustrating spending the majority of my day tying up my hair again and again. I am slowly accepting that not all the hair will go up, some will just have to be free.

This is also annoying for the gym because it makes me feel more sweaty. Especially as I get sweaty on the back of my neck, so having all that loose hair that can’t be tied up their just makes me feel even more sweaty.

2. The ends curl

As my hair is just below the shoulders it means that when I wear it down the ends seem to curl and flick up. This isn’t a major problem though because I don’t really mind it but it can sometimes be annoying if I have styled my hair. This is because, when I have styled it and then gone out the ends will slowly start to curl where they sit on my shoulders.

There you have it the good and bad and my wonderful new hair journey. Overall, I am loving the shorter new hair, especially for summer. However, this could of course change when we go into Autumn and I will probably grow it long again (I mean I change my mind all the time) However, for now the short hair is staying.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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