April Birchbox Review

So I made a little last minute decision to grab the April Birchbox (mainly because it advertised a Cath Kidston box and I love that shop). However, my feelings were pretty much the same as the last box I bought in December.

I am not trying to be negative I love the idea of the box and the designs and the products are great. However, for me I just big it up before I get it and then when it arrives I feel a little disappointed and I don’t know why. Its just not my thing and I don’t know why I got it again but I probably won’t be getting another one anytime soon.

However, I still wanted to talk through what I got and the box itself for a proper review. Here we go…

A product picture of two Birchbox products in their boxes. One a white and pink flowery design with some products coming out of it, and the other a red rose theme.

This month was a little different to the usual subscription because you actually received TWO boxes. One was Cath Kidston themed and the other a normal Birchbox.

I am not sure if maybe this attracted me and I loved the idea of something a little different to their usual subscription. Plus two boxes for a special price is pretty good. Therefore, price wise this was a great offer.

A product picture of a Cath Kidston themed beauty box. There is a range of five different products.

Cath Kidston box

The products you got were;  a baked ModelCo highlighter, a brow gel by Beautaniq Beauty, Cath Kidston hand cream, Marcelle make up remover and an AfterSpa make up remover cloth.

Overall, these products I would say are pretty decent. I have been carrying the hand cream around in my handbag and I love it. I had never tried Cath Kidston handcream before but it has been working wonders on my hands, especially during this hot weather. I definitely would purchase their hand cream again.

I also have used the highlighter and it has this pinky glow to it and I think it is pretty cool to be honest. It goes nicely onto my skin, and I think it is a great highlighter.

I haven’t tried or used the other products yet, but I am thinking of taking the make-up remover on holiday as its perfect travel size.

A product picture of a beauty box "Birchbox" with five different products.

Birchbox box

As soon as I saw this I instantly recognised this. The packaging was exactly the same as the one I purchased in December, and even some of the products were the same. I am not sure if they run out of the April box, but it did not persuade me to want to buy it again. Therefore, overall I was pretty disappointed with that. Especially as I love the idea and concept that you can be introduced to new products every month.

What I got was; Matte lipstick, Caramelised Honey body scrub by Baija Paris, Highlighter paper by Mai Couture, Nip + Fab kale fix moisturiser and a blender brush by spectrum.

Now some of these products were a little different but it was still annoying to get a box I already have. I have already began using the make-up brush. I have heard of that brand before and it is good quality and I find it easy to put my make-up on. Therefore, I do love this product. I will be taking the moisturiser on holiday as again it is perfect travel size.

I was intrigued about the highlighter paper because I have never seen anything like this before. Also it would be easy to carry around, and great for a quick fix whilst you are out. However, after using it I am finding it is not the product for me. It feels like putting sand paper to your face and I just don’t like it.

Overall like I have said im not overly enthused by Birchbox but if you are into make up and beauty a bit more than me then definitely go for it. Also, just make sure to do your research and see if it is right for you.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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