April Favourites 2018

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I am back with another favourites (check out last month’s here), this month has been a little different rather than just make up (mainly because I haven’t got any new make up that I have indulged in this month). There is not that much for me to talk about this month, but I wanted to mention some of the things I have been loving in April.

Lets get to it…

A collection of silver and rose gold rings laying on black tissue paper, with a fake green plant in a stripey yellow and white plant pot with a pink smiley face on the front. The brand "Lovisa" gift bag is displayed in the background.
A hand wearing a collection of rose gold rings on all fingers but the pinky. Black tissue paper as background and a stipey yellow and white pot with a pink smiley face on it, and the brand " Lovisa" gift back in the back.


At the beginning of the month I went shopping in a different shopping centre (woah big deal), and I found this cute little jewellery shop called “Lovisa“. I had never heard of it before and I am not sure if its a brand but I definitely enjoyed buying some new rings from there.

As you can see above I did buy many rings (however I only bought 1 singular ring, and the rest was in a packet together). The rings are great quality and haven’t faded yet, they are also nice to change and style and put on different fingers. Also this shop is affordable and they do a variety of sections that cater to different styles and colours to suit what style you are looking for. I will definitely be coming back to this shop!

A product picture of a running journal, with the words on front that say "keep on running, a journal, training records & inspiration for the 21st century runner" and a picture of running legs/shoes. Taken on a wooden table with a stripey yellow and white plant pot with a pink smiley face.


I have been completing these running challenges every month requiring me to run 25 miles throughout the entire month (you can choose how many miles you want to do). Which I did throughout the months of March and April.

Therefore, when my boyfriend found this running journal in Paperchase whilst we were out I just knew I had to get it. I thought this would be a perfect way for me to document my runs throughout the week and month. However you can also put your goals in the journal and the races you want to do. Plus it is a great way for me to stay motivated but also help me improve my running as well. It will be great to look back on and see how far I have come in the future too.

£8.99 from paperchase

A smiling short haired woman in a camo T-shirt holding up a green running medal that states "25 miles" on it for the month of March.

25 miles

In relation to my running journal, as I mentioned I have been attempting to get more into running. Whilst I was scrolling online I came across this website called “race your pace” and you sign up and basically choose how many miles you want to run throughout a month.

I thought this would be a great way for me as a beginner to motivate me to get into running. Therefore, to begin with I chose 25 miles (which is the lowest), and you can complete your runs on either the treadmill or outside (or both of course). Once you have completed the month (or even if you haven’t) you email a picture of your miles and then you receive a top and medal (you can also choose if you want both of just a medal).

It was just the perfect motivation for me at the time, because I was starting to not want to go to the gym but then I really wanted to get that medal and do those miles. I then did it for April as well, and because I have been running so much I definitely am seeing such a huge difference in how I run and how long I can run for. Definitely recommend for all abilities! Plus there is no pressure and you can do it in your own pace and time and I love that.

An Instax mini 8 blue camera with instax mini fujifilm disney edition. One is winnie the pooh border, and the other mickey and minnie mouse border.

Instax film

Last year for my birthday I was lucky to receive this beautiful blue Instax camera which I absolutely adore. With the camera you receive some film to use with the camera however, there are just normal plain white border. Don’t get me wrong I love these simple ones because they still look cute.

However, I decided to research to see if there was more choice. I chose to go onto Etsy because I knew there would be some great finds on there. I immediately found these cute films dedicated to Disney and Pixar characters and just knew this is what I wanted. I thought I would pick two to try out first and I chose the Minnie and Mickey mouse ones and the Winnie the Pooh ones.

Overall, these were delivered quickly, I did not have any problems and upon using them they are great quality and I just love them! Plus price wise they were affordable and very well priced I think. I will definitely be looking into the other Disney and Pixar ones to buy!

There you have it some April favourites. I actually thought there might have been some more this month, but that is all I have. But I hope you enjoyed!

Comment below any of your favourites from this month!

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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