Evening Relaxation Routine

We all have those days when you get in from a long day and pretty much just want to wrap yourself up in bed and sleep for days (well I do anyway). However, I personally believe that having an evening relaxation routine a couple of times a week (or even every night) will encourage you to end the day right, and prepare you for the next day.

So here is my routine and tips that I like to do a couple of evenings a week to revitalise my body and mind…

Step 1

The first thing I love to do is just remove all my make-up, give my face a nice clean to wash off the day’s work. I then make a cup of tea, put some candles on and begin to relax.

Step 2

This might be obvious when you think of relaxing and it is number one for me after a hard day at work. There is nothing more calming than a bath bomb and laying in a warm bath, with either music on or a video/episode in the background.

This is one way for me to clear my mind and forget about the day. However, it is also great for recovery for muscles (as I go to the gym).

Step 3

I normally aim to do a face mask once a week. This might be whilst I am in the bath or just whilst I am relaxing on the sofa or in my room. A face mask for me just helps cleanse and refresh my skin.

Plus my partner is happy to do one to and this just makes it even more fun. Especially as we both love the peel off masks. Therefore, us being able to have that time together is even more special and relaxing.

Step 4

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love a good read. Sometimes scrolling through my phone can be too much and just stressful.

There are days when I just want to sit in my bed wrapped up in my duvet and just disappear into another world. This also helps me to get more sleepy for bed time, so its great to get off your phone before bed and just wind down with some reading.

Reading is also great if you work in an office or your job requires using technology. It is a great way to take a step away form all of that and wind down.

Step 5

For me writing is also a way for me to unwind. Therefore, I love to end my day just spending a bit of time writing in my diary or in my notebook. This can either be me writing down my thoughts from the day, writing blog ideas or even things I am happy about the day.

This is a perfect way to clear your mind and get everything out of your head before you go to sleep. I definitely recommend doing this!

Feel free to comment any of your tips and things you like to do to wind down.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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