March Favourites 2018

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For once I am actually getting ahead of my monthly favourites and not posting late. Anyway I have some things that I have been loving this month and wanted to share them with you.

Let’s get into it…

  1. Bondi Sands
A product picture of "Bondi Sands" tanning lotion on a heart bed sheet.

I know I am way late to this but I only bought this in February and have been using it since. I think it’s the best fake tan I have used (and I have tried a lot of brands). It doesn’t smell horrible like a lot of fake tans I have used, and it goes on easily and appears much quicker than others. Normally I have to apply a couple of days before I start seeing anything, but with Bondi Sands it is pretty instant. 

Also this product is affordable which is great, and they have a variety of products to suit every need. For example, if you prefer to apply whilst in the shower then there is a product available for that.

2. Other Minds: The Octopus and the Evolution of Intelligent Life

A book called "other minds, the octopus and the evolution of intelligent life" by Peter Godfrey-Smith, on a bed sheet with hearts on it.

This is probably a book that is not a book for everyone, but if you enjoy science and evolution like me then I would definitely recommend this book. I haven’t finished it yet but I am loving it and there are interesting theories and perspectives on development and evolution of the mind. It’s just brilliant to read.  

Personally I love these types of books because I love learning and of course I am a science geek. I am fascinated by the way of life and how things work, plus when I purchased this book had a lovely conversation with the guy who highly rated this book.

A woman wearing a long sleeved green camo top, with blue mom jeans in a mirror selfie.

3. Mom Jeans

I have always been a skinny jean kinda gal, but this month I decided to buy a pair of mom jeans from pull and bear (their jeans are amazing). I will say that most of my jeans are from Pull and bear because I find their quality is great, and their jeans just fit me amazingly.

Anyway I loved the look of these jeans online so decided to try them. No word of a lie but Ihave pretty much lived in them ever since. Don’t get me wrong I still adore my skinny jeans, but these mom jeans are comfy, easy to throw on and make an edgy outfit- which I love. In this outfit I paired the jeans with my camo top (which I purchased in March from Hollister in the sale). Overall a great buy.

A purple Garmin watch from the front view.

4. Garmin Watch

I am not a massive tech geek, and to be honest as long as it works I am not fussed if its the best. However, with a little research and my runner boyfriend I found this lovely watch from the company Garmin. I actually purchased this in February and begun to use it throughout March because I was completing a running challenge.

Therefore, one of the main reasons for this purchase was because I had an aim to get more into running. This watch was perfect to be able to track that, track my steps and also help me keep on top of my health. Overall I found this watch easy to use, fits perfectly and a great price.

A hairbrush with a mix of blue, green and pink colours on the bed sheet.

5. Hairbrush

This is probably not the most exciting from this favourites collection. However, it was from Primark for £3, and the colours are so beautiful. I mean it pretty much does what it says, and for £3 you can’t really complain. There are also a range of different colours to choose from as well.

There you have it my March favourites and what I have been loving! I hopoe you enjoyed.

Let me know what your favourites were this month?

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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