February Fashion Favourites…

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I wanted to do something a little different for this month instead of just a “February favourites”, so I am going for fashion looks that I have been loving and wearing throughout February. Hence why it is called “February Fashion Favourites“, I kind of thought it had a nice ring to it.

Let’s get started…

A woman wearing a black play-suit with pink flowers all over and green leaves, paired with black tights and black boots. The woman has her dip dyed blonde/brown hair tied up and is standing inside "Sky garden" in London.


This first look I love the play-suit I bought from Primark and it is absolutely stunning. It was super comfy and nice fitting, and very flattering. The perfect choice for an anniversary date, which I wore it for when I went to Sky Garden in London. But also something that can be worn without tights in the summer too. I actually think it looks more expensive than it is, and it is something I would take with me on holiday too.

I also paired it with with my yellow scarf which I mentioned in my Autumn/Winter essentials as it was slightly chilly.

A woman wearing a bright red crop shirt with a leather jacket, black jeans and wavy dip dye blonde/brown hair in her bedroom.

Leather Jacket

One of my favourite purchases of February was my leather jacket from New Look. I did own a leather jacket but I had accidentally bought two sizes too big and it just looked ridiculous. Therefore this purchase was needed and this fits me perfectly and is something that will stay with me a long time.

I paired with jacket with another one of my favourites my black jeans (which go with anything and everything), and then an off the shoulder cropped red shirt. This outfit I love because its smart casual and can be worn for any occasion.

A woman wearing a cropped off the shoulder red shirt and skinny black jeans with her blonde/brown dip dyed hair down and standing in her bedroom.

This is the outfit above but without the leather jacket. I wouldn’t recommend wearing just this during this horrible weather though (definitely am wrapping up warm). The red top was also from New Look.

A woman wearing a white jumper with black stars on it, paired with black skinny jeans posing with her arms up behind her head in her bedroom.

Star jumper

This outfit (again with my black high wasted jeans from pull and bear) I have loved for such a long time. This white starry jumper is cropped at the front but long at the back so is super cute. Plus its a winter wear and will keep you slightly more warmer than the other outfits I have shown. This top I got from H&M a couple of years ago and I still love it. Simple but cute.

A woman wearing a black play-suit over a white and black stripey top posing in her bedroom with her hair up.

This last outfit I wore during my visit to Norwich and I thought it was a super cute combination and perfect for the sunny (still cold though) weather. This outfit is such a simple outfit to put together, is effortless and still looks cute. It is comfy as well and I paired it with tights but you could also not wear any tights during the hotter months.

A woman wearing a black play-suit with a black and white striped top with tights and a leather jacket in her bedroom.

You can also wear this outfit with the leather jacket (as shown above) and I think that makes the outfit even better. Especially for going out with friends, or even on date night.

There you have it, some of my fashion favourites for wearing in February!

Let me know what pieces you are loving right now?

Gemma Jayne x


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