My Trip to Norwich

Getting on a train straight from work after doing a 7 am- 4 pm shift is difficult let me tell you. I was shattered and hungry (two things I am pretty much always to be honest). However, thinking about the lovely weekend I was going to have spent with my best friend, I knew it was going to be worth it.

Therefore, I wanted to write about my trip to Norwich because we explored, saw lovely buildings and visited cute places. All of which I think deserves to be shown to you all.

Also, throughout this trip I just felt inspired with life. So, let’s get into it…

I am going to dive straight into Saturday because it was 9 pm by the time I made it to Norwich on the Friday and I pretty much went to bed.

A street in Norwich with a view of a church.


Before this trip I had actually only ever been to Norwich one other time and that was a birthday present from my other friends to go to a festival! Therefore, I had not actually explored much of this beautiful place.

A street in Norwich with a Cathedral in the background coming out of the top of the buildings.

Anyway, this day was spent exploring the local area, shopping and my friend showing me the beautiful architecture. Norwich has loads of quirky and cool looking buildings, and I loved the look of this Cathedral. It was just the old look to this area and how different it is that I loved. I love anything to do with history and anything that has a story.

A hot chocolate in a small orange cup and saucer with a spoon, behind jars of brown and white sugar, some white tiny flowers and a blurry street view.

My friend then took me to this cute tiny café where she told me she hangs out a lot with her university friends or even just after her lectures.

Of course, I went for a hot chocolate, and we sat by the window with the lovely views of the cobbled streets. It was utter bliss, and the hot chocolate was one of the best I have ever had. I honestly prefer drinking in independent café’ because I just love the experience more.

After a lovely day of exploring we headed back to her flat and decided to binge watch Merlin and eat pizza. I mean what a great combination. I mean we ended up nearly watching an entire series of it..

Inside "The waffle house" in Norwich decor. There is a window with a plant on it, a wooden table and bench, with a jar of water and pot on it.


This was the day I was leaving and in order to brace myself for a long journey home my friend took me to this wonderful waffle house.

Waffles picture form the waffle house in Norwich. One has chocolate on it, and the other has caramel and chocolate. Then with a chocolate milkshake and an orange.

I don’t actually think I have ever eaten out for waffles before, so not only was this a first-time experience but they tasted amazing! Plus, it was in this cute little building, with great décor and aesthetic and we ended up having a mini photoshoot with our waffles!

Overall this whole weekend was just perfect and it was much needed after a long week at work.

Who knew that a trip to Norwich was what I needed to feel inspired? It just made me ready for life and want to go and explore the world.

Not only this but it made me think about things that I want to do more of. I want to run more, I want to get back into my snowboarding, I want to do a triathlon, I want to do a mountain trek. Now is the time to start making these things happen I think.

Thanks for reading,

Have you been to Norwich? What are your recommendations?

Gemma Jayne x


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