Sky Garden

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A plant in a golden pot next to a cup with the quote "happiness is a hot drink and this view", Then the view of London's skyline in the background.

I think this cup says it all really. Nothing like a day off from work spent in a tower overlooking London with a hot drink in hand.

So, if you hadn’t already guessed from the title I went to sky garden. This was already planned with my partner as part of our anniversary present. We are always looking to do something different and just have a nice relaxing time (and of course stuff our faces with tasty food).

We did look into a variety of things but just decided this would be cool. Plus you don’t actually have to pay for it, just book a ticket and time and then you go up for free. However, you do get given a 1 hour time-slot.

The view of London's skyline from "Sky Garden" a place in London. The other side of the river from The Shard in London.

When you first enter the building it looks like any ordinary work building (which I suppose it still is). Once you make it up to the garden that’s when it starts to get impressive…

One thing I will say is you never get tired of seeing views, especially looking down over the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets (although I am sure there are better ones across the world). The weather was not the best on this day, and I am sure if it was a lovely hot and sunny day the views would be beautiful. However, this didn’t bring us down and we still enjoyed our experience.

Inside the Sky Garden in London, a rain forest design and windows looking out over London.

Walking around it is beautifully laid out with the gardens that its named after, full of many people taking those much-needed pictures for their Instagram’s.

Although you might not necessarily need the whole hour time slot that you get given (unless you are eating food of course). Once you have walked around the floor about three times you realise you don’t really need to see it again.

A view of cloudy London's skyline, including the river and Tower Bridge in the background.

I would recommend going along to sky garden if you have the time (it is free after all), just be prepared to pay for overly priced food and drinks. Its not London if it isn’t expensive.

I am always looking out for other places to visit and experience so if anyone has any recommendations then feel free to comment. Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x


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