The goals of 2018

How it is nearly the end of January 2018 I do not know. Time is such a weird thing and it just goes so fast.

Welcome to my first post of 2018 and I wanted to write about my goals for this year, including things that I want to start doing or things I want to achieve. Not the typical “go to the gym more” or “eat more healthily” type goals that I feel most people just say but are not achievable.

  1. Read more. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory but I used to read so much and I just really want to get back into it and stop with the excuses that I have “no time”. Not only this but I want to read books with random facts or information about places or things (for example plants), just to expand my knowledge and learn about the world.

    2. Take more pictures or videos again

As much as I want to experience so much of the world and indulge in different cultures, I also am into photography. I love taking pictures; whether that’s silly pictures with my boyfriend, friends and family or just places I am visiting.

Therefore, I want to be influenced and experience the life around me and get better at taking pictures. Plus, it will make some cute and awesome photo albums!

Also I have always loved taking videos of me and my friends, or experiences because they are nice to look back and and watch.

3. Continue learning German. 

I know this is pretty specific but I did start learning last year and then I sort of got lost with work and other stuff going on in my life. This year I really want to focus on being fluent in German.

I have always believed that being in that culture where a language is from is one of the best ways to learn. However, living in Germany is not on my agenda right now, so the best will be having to teach myself.

There are other languages I would love to learn but I am not going to pressurise myself with learning about 10 languages for the year. Therefore, German is my goal to focus on for now.

4. Do a run in some event. 

This is something that I do want to do, not competitively but just take part in a 5k run or something and continue my progress from there. I already go to the gym regularly and sometimes do hill training with my other half, so I don’t need a goal of that. I just want to start doing events and just making the most of my fitness.

5. Do more cooking.

By this I mean experiment more and trying new recipes and just new ideas with cooking in the kitchen. I already cook everyday and as much as I do enjoy it and would love to do it more, sometimes work just takes over and I don’t have the time (something that a lot of people struggle with too). I end up just making something quick and probably unhealthy, instead of focusing on proper recipes and making decent food.

Therefore, I am going to do my research and find the fun in cooking again. Plus nothing beats a good homemade meal.

6. Change jobs.

This is personal to me and something I already knew for a long time. I have nearly been at my current job for about a year now, I went into it after I had graduated university. It is not a job I am overly passionate about. It is hard because I love working with the people that I do and have made some great friends, but for my career I know if I don’t leave now I am going to waste time.

That’s about it for my goals for this year. I might add more throughout the year or change some but for now these are my focuses for the year (with the added experiences and holidays). Thanks for reading,

Gemmaa Jayne x


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  1. Good luck Gemz completing all your goals! 2018 feels so hopeful to me, so I know you’ll be able to come out of it shining!

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