Getting into the Christmas Spirit

As a beautiful song goes “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” (every time I read that I sing it).

Everything about December just makes me happy. There is so much to love during this time of year. Also, December for me is all about relaxing, reflecting and just enjoying myself. I know that can be quite hard with all the added pressures at work, bills and buying presents but I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Never let anything negative take over your life.

A Ferris wheel lit up at night at London's Hyde Park "Winter Wonderland", next to a lit up Christmas tree and crowds of people.


When it comes to Christmas I say go all out. For me seeing decorations, lights or Christmas trees just makes me smile. I feel happy and in the Christmas spirit. You can look around and just really appreciate how lovely your environment is.

A Christmas tree covered in multi-coloured lights, baubles in browns, gold and greens and tinsel wrapped around.


This year for some reason I have really struggled with buying presents (anyone feel the same?). I just put so much pressure on myself to buy presents that are “amazing” I forget that its “the thought that counts”. However, I will say there have been some great Christmas gift ideas around this year and I have bought funny stocking fillers for family and friends and partner.

A woman sitting in a cafe wearing a pink jumper and blue jeans, a crown ring on her finger holding a cheese and tomato toastie and looking out the window to her right.

Hot drinks/Cafe dates

Something else I love about the colder months is that I can wrap up in a coat and scarf and just pop into a café and sit with a hot chocolate (and yes I get all the “naughty bits”). There is just something so cosy about doing this and I just love it. Nothing can get better than this.

I do love taking photo’s in the Autumn/Winter months because you get some beautiful shots.

Christmas jumpers

Lastly it wouldn’t be a Christmas blog without mentioning the Christmas jumpers… honestly, I love Christmas jumpers. Seeing everyone in them and just having a laugh just makes me feel so happy and I feel so much better wearing a Christmas jumper (I am just obsessed with going all out for Christmas if you didn’t guess).

A fireplace with star fairy lights hung over it, a tiny penguin stocking, penguin stickers and a white stick tree with tiny baubles hanging on it.

This year and December especially has gone extremely quick, which is sad. But I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and enjoy all the traditions whatever they may be. And I hope everyone reflects and goes straight into the new year in positive spirits.

Merry Christmas Eve,

Gemma Jayne x
*Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year*



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