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I have heard and seen many pictures and was curious to buy a “Birchbox”. Birchbox is basically a subscription box full of make-up and self-care goodies. The December box intrigued me so I thought that would be the perfect time to treat myself for the festive month and for my first buy.

As someone that is not necessarily a huge beauty fan, I do love to look after my skin and I do love make up. Therefore, I think for me it was to test the waters and see what a box like this would be like for someone like me. I do not have a great knowledge of brands, or products that do certain things (that probably makes no sense at all) so I guess it is a way for me to get a taste for new products and understanding them and what they do.

As soon as it arrived it did not disappoint. The main colour for this month was red and it was covered with red and gold roses. Overall it looked sophisticated, festive and beautiful.

Therefore, off to a good start with impressions, so let’s get into the products…

A product picture of a "caramelised body scrub" in a tiny jar on top of the "Birchbox" make-up subscription box. In front of a Christmas tree.

Caramelised body Scrub

The first product I noticed was this caramelised body scrub in a little pot (that reminds me of one of those tiny jam pots you can buy in the supermarkets). After reading through the information sheet it stated that it was a “97% natural exfoliator” which is something that I think is great in a product.

When I opened I can only describe the smell as Christmas. I know you are probably thinking does Christmas smell? But honestly it is just one of those smells that reminds you of Christmas, going to markets or just the smells that are around Christmas time.

Overall you can’t really go wrong with a good body scrub, especially around Christmas time when your skin needs a little bit of extra loving. Also it is a tiny pot, but actually you do not need to use a lot in order to get a good amount for your body.


A product picture of a "protect and detangle conditioner" in a small red spray bottle, on top of the "Birchbox" mape-up subscription box.

Protect and Detangle Conditioner

The next product that caught my eye was the protect and detangle leave in conditioner. The packaging on the bottle is stunning, reminds me of a tattoo type style. Also the product is a perfect size for taking with you on your travels.

There is a slight smell to it when used which is nice, and for me personally it does pretty much what it says on the bottle. However, I think if I was to purchase this again I would definitely love to buy a bigger bottle.

A product picture of three matte lipsticks. One a light colour, a brown and a red on top of the "Birchbox" make-up subscription box.

 Matte Lipsticks

The next products that were in the box came in three different colours and that was the Vibrant Matte Lipsticks. The first colour was called “Colour me confident” and it was this lovely red colour. I love red lipsticks, they seem to suit me and I just love a bold lip.

This colour is perfect for all those Christmas parties you may attend or even for Christmas Day. I love that with a red lip you can wear it whatever the occasion. This one was personally my favourite of all the colours.

The other two colours were “Out of your shell” and “Empress me“. One was a light pink colour and the other a brown colour. I didn’t mind the brown colour, however personally these colours don’t work for me.

Overall, I thought there was a good range of colours however, the actual lipstick did not stay on my lips very well or provide good coverage. But I guess that is the point of a box like this is to experiment with a variety of products and see what works and doesn’t work for you.


Original Clear balm

Another product in this box was the Original Clear balm. Let’s be honest you can never have too many lip balms, and I am always in need of a lip balm. I have so many and I always like to make sure I carry one around in my bag and have one at work. I personally get dry lips easily so lip balms are essential for me!

Onto the product I loved the fact it was yellow (I mentioned here how yellow was my new favourite colour), and I think it makes it stand out as well. This product has been placed in my bag and I have already used it frequently. I do recommend this product as it has helped keep my lips nice and smooth.


 Spectrum Blender brush

The last product in my box was this angled blender brush by Spectrum. You can never go wrong with having a new brush. Personally I have never tried this brand before, although I have heard good things about them.

I loved the rose gold and black colour combination, because I think it made it look professional and cute at the same time. Is that a thing? Also, I have been using this brush with my make-up and been loving it so far! You don’t get the brush all over you face which is good, and the quality is amazing.

There you have it my first Birchbox subscription review. Would I buy it again? Yes I would, however, I would also be open to checking out other beauty subscriptions too. The one thing for a novice beauty person like myself that I do like with these boxes are the leaflet’s that hold all the information about the different products, because it is just useful for me to be able to understand what each one does and read a bit more about the brand as well.

Thanks for reading,

Gemma Jayne x

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