7 Essential pieces you NEED for Autumn/Winter

This time of year is my absolute favourite. Everything makes me excited and happy. There are beautiful lights, loads of decorations, you get to wear big comfy coats, hot chocolate (yes an actual reason to drink it without getting weird looks from strangers from drinking it in the summer) and so much more.

I don’t think any other season gives me as much excitement and happiness as this one does, and I love it. Don’t get me wrong I love summer too and the brighter days and better weather, but I do think overall I prefer Autumn/Winter. If you need some inspiration as we transition into Autumn then I have some tips for you, so check that out after this post.

Therefore, for my post today I want to talk about…

7 Essential pieces you NEED for Autumn/Winter!

Let’s jump straight into the essentials

A yellow scarf, wrapped around a person wearing a white jumper with black stars on it.


I am going to start with a couple of items that are both related in colour, because I am absolutely in love with this colour this season. That colour will be yellow as you will see within the pictures I have taken

The first couple of items are both related in the colour (yellow) because, I am in love with this colour this season. I hope it stays because my wardrobe is full of dark colours, so it is nice to have some brightness in there.

Anyway, the weather in the UK can be explained in three simple words; cold, rainy and miserable. Therefore, a scarf for me is the one thing I need to keep me warm. This year I have gone for a beautiful yellow scarf from ASOS. There was no reason for this choice, but I was already set out to look for a yellow scarf, when I came across this one and I just fell in love.

This one is thick, huge and does go with any outfit I have put together. Plus I have received many compliments on the scarf, especially from strangers! I definitely think this one will remain in my wardrobe for many years to come, and it will just add that colour as well.

A yellow jumper laying down on a bed.


I like anyone else love to make sure my wardrobe is stocked with jumpers for Autumn and winter because they are comfy and keep you warm. As I mentioned before this is another item that I was determined to find in yellow.

The jumper is from H&M, reasonably priced and a perfect fit. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it. It is knitted and very comfy, but I have to say its not the warmest of jumpers I have bought before. Nevertheless, I completely adore it and will be wearing this throughout winter. Plus again this is something that will just add some more colour into my wardrobe, especially as I usually gravitate towards darker tones for the Autumn/Winter months.

A pair of grey high heeled boots


I love all types of boots and so it excites me when I know its coming towards Autumn/Winter and all the boots are on the shelves in my favourite clothes stores. These boots I found online from new look and this is probably where I buy most of my shoes from, so I would recommend having a look yourself.

I was already looking around for these style boots so when I found these I knew I was going to love them. I will say they are quite high, but they rock any outfit, so I am not complaining. Plus, for a 5ft 3 woman a nice heel makes my legs look mighty fine. Also I love the grunge/edgy look they provide and they could also look great in the Summer months too.

A pair of grey gloves with a design down the side.


One big essential that we all need during the Autumn/Winter months are gloves. I normally just go for the cheap £2 gloves from Primark, however this year I decided I wanted some more sophisticated looking gloves (if that’s a thing). These were also from Primark but just a couple quid more and they have some nice detailing across the middle of the glove. I also loved the fact they were in grey so they can match any outfit, and they also are nice and comfy to keep my hands warm.

It is probably a good idea to grab a couple of gloves as well because they will always be handy to have around, but you do lose them very easily.

A pair of black leather trousers.

Leather Trousers

These may not be an essential for everyone but I love them throughout Autumn/Winter. I saw these in Matalan, and tried them on and fell completely in love. Plus they are soft on the inside, which you don’t normally get with leather trousers.

Also leather trousers look great for all occasions! You can dress them up for parties or even with a jumper for a more casual style.

In particular I found these leather trousers to also not have that horrible smell that can sometimes come with leather trousers. This of course is a great thing and they were super affordable.

A blue scarf with golden stars on them.

Fashion Scarf

I named this “fashion scarf” because its not exactly a scarf to keep you warm. However, this scarf is one of those that you just like to add to an outfit to add a bit more style. This scarf is from Primark so not a lot of money and I just think it looks cute with a leather jacket when you going going out.

Also sometimes these types of scarves are great for when it is transitioning into Autumn and the weather has not completely dropped to freezing but it is nice to add a scarf to your outfit.

The last couple of items I wanted to mention are some little bits to add to your home.

Fake flowers of yellow, red and oranges in a cream vase.


I found these beautiful fake flowers in Matalan and I knew they had to come home with me because their colours are perfect for Autumn and even for the summer! These flowers bring some colour into a room, and just adds a perfect touch. Plus you don’t have to worry about looking after them!

A red plant with green leaves in a golden plant pot.

However, I did also want to put in the other plant I bought which was from Marks and Spencer’s and is real. This one I buy every year as its sort of a tradition in my family. So I knew I had to mention it. It’s the perfect little Christmas plant in my eyes.

And that’s a wrap… these are some items that I feel are essentials in my life throughout Autumn/Winter. I have posted the prices below! But as most of these were related to fashion/home you can also check out my beauty essentials for Autumn as well.

What are essentials for you during Autumn/Winter?

Gemma Jayne x

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yellow scarf ASOS £20, yellow jumper H&M £20, heeled boots New look £25, gloves Primark £4, star scarf Primark £4, leather trousers Matalan £18, fake flowers Matalan £8, red flowers Marks and Spencer’s £3.

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