Birthday, 2️1️

Long have the days gone since I made this blog… and with my motivational self months ago I did have the intention of blogging regularly.. Nevertheless, my next few posts are going to be a step back in time, the first starting with my 21st birthday.

My birthday was actually back in June (and its the end of August) so quite late to post I know. I am not a massive “party” person so my actual birthday consisted of dinner with my parents, brother and his girlfriend.

It was a relaxing and chill day and it was perfect enough for me. The second celebration was a little night out with my two best friends up London (which is expensive), and they both surprised me with a gift of a festival which has not happened yet.

This night was fun and such a laugh as always with these two, and seeing as I have known them for nearly 10 years now they are the perfect best friends who definitely always know how to make me laugh. We went to a couple of bars before ending up in “Strawberry Moons” which is definitely not a young persons club, but the music and atmosphere is just my cup of tea.

Lastly my third celebration (I know lucky gal or what) was from my wonderful boyfriend and partner in crime.

I got swept away to a hotel in Brighton (Premier Inn which was top notch), and this was probably the best day/night for my 21st celebrations. I absolutely adore Brighton and I adore my boyfriend so what could be more perfect than the combination of the two?

It was just the perfect end to all my birthday celebrations, and I cannot say enough how grateful I am for all the wonderful people in my life. Here’s to entering adulthood.

Thanks for reading… until next time…

Gemma 🌌


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